Welcome to this musical site! I invite you to explore our three new creations:
Sensual World - At t the crossroads of the music our day and Jazz
It is my very recent project as song-writer and composer of English poems that I have written in 2011. Michel Ott, an extraordinarily talented musician and arranger is accompanying me on the piano. The CD in collaboration with extremely gifted musicians has been planned to be presented by the end of 2012, the video production is in process. Follow the creation. (↑brand new) .
Métamorphoses - is an electro-acoustic piece which I composed from April to October in 2011. Listen to the essay! The CD is in progress with Benoit Burger. At the present time, we are looking for a record company interested in featuring this innovative work.
Round Midnight - with the Stanislas quartet presented this year for the first time in Nancy Jazz Pulsation festival. This is our second creation of the Jazz Meets Classics series with Marc Schaefer's amazing arrangements. Join us on youtube by one click.

“I'd like to thank especially l'Association Métamorphoses and Claire-Lise Weick- what would I do without you - ; Caroline Sonntag, the wonderful artistic director of this site; Christine Buck and Alexander Tschirwa for their technical support; Sophie Ka, the creator of our posters, Claudia Bouabca and Anne-Marie Duchemin from Ylang-Ylang; Andrea and Raphael – always in my heart; my vocal students; Eric Guerrier, Agnès Gallico and Chantal Boldender; Michel Ott; Karin Bieber; Katharina Armleder, Mylene Debord and Gisela Grosse as well as Heike Hildebrand and Delciana Stevenson; Baharak Darougari for her precious suggestions regarding English poetry....”