An electro-acoustic creation for solo voice and Kalimba
for two pieces including thirteen titles, sound recording by Benedict Burger

“The aptitude of human voice for creating atmospheres and coloring emotions is inexhaustible. This resonating poetry, free from codified vocabulary, flows and finds way through linguistic barriers. The effect, thereby is universal. This is an invitation to embark on a journey towards imagination and shared memories. The world of sounds – archaic sounds, the sound of the plants and animals, vital and spiritual sounds - takes root in our past; resounds our collective memory and makes our bodies quiver in the present. Inspired by this swinging motion between the past and the present, the Métamorphoses are inscribed on the contemporary world, the expanse of liberty and renewal.

Enjoy listening and I'm looking forward to meeting you.

The Pieces

Call Urban Inspiration
Voyage en Bretagne Zauberspruch
Berceuse The awakening of the goddess
Heartbeats Les Sirènes