December 2012

I’m happy to announce that my album, Metamorphoses, has been released by Futura et Marge, Paris!

You can directly order the CD at this site. Please fill out the contact form.

“Really beautiful vocal work from Corinne Chatel – spare tunes that mostly feature overdubbed vocal passages, sung wordlessly, often with a very musical feel – yet one that's quite offbeat too! There's a quality here that really reminds us of some of our favorite Meredith Monk work from years back – really imaginative, and never gimmicky at all – with an approach that's very abstract, yet somehow all makes complete sense too – logic that's all its own, yet really beautiful overall! “ Dusty Groove America, Chicago

“La voix est d’une infinie clarté soulignée par la réverbération, d’une tessiture que mettent en lumière les superpositions des aigus extrêmes et les voix de poitrine mugissant comme corne de brume. Les langues claquent comme le bruit de gouttes résonnant dans quelque aven. Un parcours hallucinant entre vocalises et voix-tambours.” Jazz magazine Jazzmann

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